7 Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend

Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend

Your best friend’s birthday is on the way and you are perplexed about what to gift him/her. Fret not as there are tons of unique gift ideas out there. The best gift ideas for girls would be personalized jewelry while for boys, you can think of something like a personalized wallet. Here is a complete list of birthday gift ideas for best friend. Pick a gift according to the gender and surprise your buddy to the core.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend (For Girls)

Women love to be pampered with jewelry, clothes, and shoes. Apart from these, a personalized thing can create an everlasting impression on the recipient regardless of the gender. Well, the best gift ideas for girls include:

Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend
7 Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend

Personalized Jewelry

Surprise your best friend by gifting a personalized chain or bracelet. Think of platinum or white gold bracelet with your buddy’s name on it. If you have a strict budget, you can go for artificial jewelry. If you are planning to gift a locket, you can get a name locket or something like a heart locket with a photo of your buddy inside.  

Smart Watch

If your lady is a fitness freak, think about nothing else and present her a smartwatch. A smartwatch will let her keep track of her daily fitness activities. Apart from this, the watch will allow her to instantly receive messages and calls. Your best friend will also stay connected to her social media accounts even when her phone is away.

Beauty Gift Basket

For women who love taking care of themselves, a beauty gift basket will be a perfect idea. You can fill the basket with just makeup products or beauty & personal care items depending on what she would love. If your buddy loves doing makeup, stuff the basket with foundations, BB & CC creams, eye-shadow palette, mascara, eyeliners, and so on. For beauty & personal care products, pack the basket with face packs, face scrub, moisturizers, foot cream, body wash, underarm cream, etc.

Tip: Fill the basket with anything you think your friend likes. For instance – if she’s a foodie, you can fill the basket with snacks. Similarly, if she loves wine, purchase a wine gift basket.

Travel Bag/Wallet

A travel freak couldn’t be happier if she receives a gorgeous travel bag or wallet. So, if your best pal is fond of traveling, surprise her with a wallet of her favorite color and style. If you are choosing a wallet, pay attention to the number of compartments. The wallet should be spacious enough to carry all the travel essentials including ids, passport, cash, phone, tickets, and so on.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend (For Boys)

Although boys get happy by whatever they receive, try to pick something from the list presented below:

Personalized Wallet

A wallet is a guy’s everyday partner so why not gift your buddy a personalized wallet? Surprise your pal with a wallet with his name engraved on it. Go for genuine leather wallets as they will last longer.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend
7 Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend

Formal Wear

If your buddy is an office goer, you can gift him formal wear like shirts, pants, belts, or ties. Look for a high-quality formal shirt and matching pants. Pick the formal attire in the color of his choice. If you don’t have a strict budget, you can even think of gifting him a pair of formal shoes.


A barbecue set is a great gift for guys who love making barbecue food. Let your buddy unleash his culinary talent by gifting him a personalized barbecue set. A BBQ set can feature a grill, spatula, tongs, bamboo sticks, and so on.

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