Ideas For First Year Birthday Parties

first year birthday celebration ideas

First year birthday party ideas are not difficult to come by, as many of us have experienced turning one-year-old. With technology and the internet, it is not as hard or as costly as it used to be. If you are considering having a first year birthday party, you are urged to research online. While you can pick up a lot of first-year birthday party ideas from the internet, you will find that many of them do not work for your child. The majority of the ideas and suggestions you will get online are for children who are very young. This means that you might want to think differently in order to make your child’s first year a memorable one.

An Overview

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When looking for first-year birthday party ideas, start with good, wholesome food. If you are throwing a party for children who are only a few years old, you will want to serve healthy, home-cooked meals that they can enjoy. As far as food goes, you should keep it fairly simple and avoid any heavy recipes or take-aways. This means avoiding hot dogs, burgers, hot dogs, French fries, and other deep-fried foods. Instead, opt for light salads, baked items, and fruits and vegetables. In addition, you will want to avoid anything with sugar, vinegar, mustard, or vinegar-based dressings.

The next thing on many first year birthday party ideas lists is the cake. While cakes can be fun, you will want to go with a healthier option. A lot of cakes and pastries now come in smaller sizes, as well as organic and natural options that are much more environmentally-friendly. Additionally, you might consider making your own cake.

First Year Birthday Party Ideas

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One of the most popular first-year birthday party ideas is to have a big party with a variety of activities. One good idea would be to rent bounce houses for kids to play on, along with inflatable slides and moonbounces for the adults. You could also set up an activity area where the kids can do arts and crafts or woodworking or baking. Other activities you could plan for the event could include going to a children’s hospital, visiting with the neighbors, or going to the local park for a walk.

For entertainment, there are a number of bands that will be happy to perform at your party, as long as they have plenty of space on a day when you aren’t planning on having a big bash. Other first year birthday party ideas include hiring a magician, a clown, or a cute dog. You may also decide to hire a karaoke machine or even rent one from a restaurant. Whatever entertainment you decide to use, be sure to have plenty of disposable cameras so that everyone can capture their very special memory of this wonderful day. Just be sure to keep the pictures of the fun activities for your scrapbook!

Some great food ideas for a first year birthday party would be to serve some of those easy to prepare foods that don’t take much time. That includes cakes and cupcakes, lasagna, and most any other quick and easy meal. However, don’t forget to have a nice selection of drinks to complement all of those foods. A great idea would be a simple juice or soda with a healthy drink like water to wash it down. One or two great beverages would complete the perfect first year birthday party.

First year birthday party ideas are almost always centered around the cake. Most every kid will ask for a cake, and you should be able to find or make a cake for any child’s birthday party. Whether you make it yourself or buy one, the birthday cake is probably the centerpiece of the entire party. One easy idea for making a simple birthday cake is to purchase one from the dollar or discount store. Not only will it cost you less, but you can decorate it yourself and save a ton of money.

Bottom Line

Another great first year birthday party idea is to give out cards or small gifts that the guest will bring home after the party. These items can be as simple as a small stuffed bear or teddy bear. You could also hand them out miniature jewelry or watches. Whatever you decide to give as gifts, be sure to include a card with that particular gift. It’s always good practice to personalize a first year birthday party!

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