Making Unicorns Great Party Decorations

Unicorn Birthday Party Decorations

Unicorn birthday party decors are a popular theme for any type of party. Unicorns are known to be very playful creatures that love to have fun. Here are some fantastic ideas for a Unicorn birthday party:

Printable Unicorn birthday party decors can be found online. These include everything from a Unicorns’ party favor to balloons, streamers, tablecloths and even napkins and plates. Printables are a great way to make your party decorating ideas come to life at a lower cost.

Know About The Theme

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A Unicorns’ party can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Use the Unicorn’s favorite color, pink, for the invitations. Use pink streamers and balloons for decoration at tables. Use white paper and napkins for the meal.

For party favors, choose an item that will match the theme of your party. A fun favor would be a Unicorns’ book of magic tricks. For a party favor that makes a statement, choose something unique. For a unique idea for a birthday party favor, try personalized candy.

Unicorns have a large number of fans. You may want to include some unicorns into a picture you are drawing. Cut the picture out of poster board or even card stock and glue it to a piece of paper. Next, trace the image onto your card stock using a magic marker.

Making Pictures Of Unicorns

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After you get the outline of the image, you will need to make the details. Use a pencil to draw the details onto your card stock, and then use the same technique to draw the rest of the image. The easiest way to make the details of your Unicorn come to life is to use colors to make them stand out.

Use rainbow-colored streamers to tie the balloons to the streamers, making your decorations sparkle. The same techniques will work with the streamers, so do not worry about matching streamers to the theme.

To top off your Unicorns’ party, try creating a Unicorn birthday cake with Unicorn cake accessories, including a wand, a cupcake and unicorn cupcakes. topper. An added touch of magical is to have the cupcake eaten by a unicorn, while the wand dances.

Unicorns For Halloween

If you are having a Halloween party, why not have some guests dress up like Unicorns? There are several ways to accomplish this, but the easiest way is to have everyone wear a costume. A wig or make up can be used to disguise the face of the wearer. You may also have to hire an actor to pretend to play the part of a unicorn.

Having food and cake served in a Unicorn themed cake is another way to dress up the cake. Use orange and yellow icing to make the cake look like a Unicorn. Use blue frosting to create a “hair” on the cake. Then fill in the hair with icing and sprinkle a little sprinkles of gold flakes around the cake.

If you do not have enough time to do all of this yourself, consider hiring someone else to do the job. Ask your kids to help. Have them cut out shapes and glitter and then put the design on the cake.

Final Words

As with any party, there are many options when it comes to Unicorn birthday decorations. You can use the same decorations for your party. Use an online store or craft store to find a great assortment of birthday party supplies.

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