Office Gifts: Dos And Don’ts

Exchanging office gifts can feel a little overwhelming. You might wonder about many things going wrong during this process. And why not, there are always some rules to follow when giving office gifts.  You cannot give something too personal even though your coworker is your best friend.

Also, you would not like to put your immediate boss in an uncomfortable or embarrassing situation by gifting something inappropriate. So, how do you solve this dilemma? You should think of how others will start to perceive your gifts when they will witness the unpacking. Here are some do’s and don’ts of office gift exchanging:

Dos And Don’ts When Exchanging Office Gifts
Dos And Don’ts When Exchanging Office Gifts

For Office Gifts, Be Through With The Company Policy

Go through the company policy carefully and follow the guidelines of the organization. Find out if employees have the freedom to participate in gift exchanges or offer seasonal treats and holiday cards for showing appreciation.

Avoid Opting Out Of Office Gifts

If you are new to the office environment, it is quite likely for you to feel home-sick. You might not be in the holiday spirit altogether. But do not allow this feeling to take over you. Engage yourself and try being an integral part of the office traditions. Even if you have the typical “bah humbug” feeling this holiday season, strive hard to be a part of the celebrations. If financial problems are your concern, go for DIY and thrifty gift ideas like handwritten cards and baked goods. Your gift should be thoughtful, not expensive!

Dos And Don’ts When Exchanging Office Gifts
Dos And Don’ts When Exchanging Office Gifts

Beware Of Unwritten Rules

These might land you into trouble. Therefore beware of them. If you are new to the office, enquire the associates about unspoken gift-exchange culture in the office. You can get good information from seasoned coworkers when it comes to finding more about unwritten regulations. Sure, you are following the rules, but is there a cookie swap or ornament exchange? Simply find out.

Buy For The Boss

While exchanging gifts in the office, you cannot afford to your boss. After all, he or she is your immediate supervisor, and you should put in some thoughts into giving this professional an excellent gift. Each employee arranging for a separate gift for the boss might breed insecurity and competitiveness among colleagues. Far better is to contribute and then buy a nice and big present. This will be a team gift. Good quality liquor bottles, designer bracelets, tickets to their favorite sports and restaurant gift cards are amazing gifting ideas for your boss. Choose items that help you and the entire group to show their gratitude.

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Do Not Overspend

Why be extra generous when exchanging gifts in office? Of course, you are in the holiday spirit but that does not mean you should overspend. Avoid hurting your pocketbook excessively. This goes special when choosing gifts for seniors or bosses. Getting something extravagant for the boss might make you seem like you are actually sucking up. So be careful.

Regardless of how friendly and direct you are with your co-employees, it is necessary for you to choose office gifts carefully.

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