Quarantine Birthday Ideas To Make The Birthday So Much Fun

A chocolate birthday cake with lit candles

Birthday is the best day in everyone’s life. This day is awaited by everyone for the whole year. It is quite common to celebrate birthdays and hosting parties with friends and family. The novel coronavirus pandemic has left no choice to have a rejoicing outdoor gathering. Hence, it quite becomes a bit sad on the person’s part to be left all alone and get bored at home. But no worries, even a home-staying birthday can be made so much fun and exciting. Here are a few of the greatest Quarantine Birthday Ideas for people to celebrate birthdays happily by sitting at home and making the most out of the day. 

Quarantine Birthday Ideas – Decorations

A group of colorful balloons

One can start planning with decorating rooms. Fairy lights are a great option for lighting up the mood. Balloons can also be decorated. The candle decoration trend must not be forgotten. By doing so it not only gives beautiful look to one’s room but it also gives the same party vibe while being with a small best buddies at one’s cozy place.

Quarantine Birthday Ideas – Hosting a virtual party 

A bouquet of pink flowers on a table

One can set up a virtual birthday party by inviting all the loved ones like family relatives, friends, or neighbors. Different virtual platforms can be used for hosting virtual birthday parties like Discord, Zoom call, Google meets, and many more which are available for free to use anytime and anywhere. These exciting apps also let one keep many exciting party themes for the auspicious day such as Beach party theme, Game night theme, Black and white theme, etc. It can surely make one feel alive and happy from the inside. This has to be the most exciting option from the Quarantine Birthday Ideas to check out. 

Quarantine Birthday Ideas – Preparing Cake

One can also bake a delicious cake and get to know a lot of great cake recipes for a quarantine birthday party. The cake can be cut during virtual gatherings or even with family. If the birthday cake is in alignment with the Quarantine situation we are facing and can be made fun with the decor, the birthday party will be fun. 

Quarantine Birthday Ideas – One Can Plan Some Activities 

It is the best idea for a quarantine birthday party where one can keep different kinds of activities during a virtual call where each person is required to prepare something for the birthday. For example: 

One can find many virtual online games that are available and one can play it with the virtually invited guests during virtual mode calls. 

Various activities such as dancing, singing songs, acting, etc. during virtual calls for the birthday girl/boy can also help to make it more memorable and meaningful.


Celebrating the birthday with friends and family seems like a dream for many at this moment of time where everyone is following a strict quarantine routine. These quarantine birthday party ideas can make one’s birthday party much exciting and memorable. It can also bring joy and happiness to the birthday person who would not feel alone at all. 

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