Some Exotic Wife Birthday Gift Ideas - Some Exotic Wife Birthday Gift Ideas -

Some Exotic Wife Birthday Gift Ideas

wife birthday gift ideas

It’s her special day and as usual, you are thinking of a wonderful wife birthday gift idea. When it comes to shopping for gifts for women, the key is to think outside the box. As a wife, it is often difficult to shop for gifts for her because of the conventional notion that all gift items should be made of white or silver. However, it is important to realize that women have different tastes and requirements, and hence there are lots of options available if you are searching for gifts for her.

Kitchen Utensils

A glass of orange juice

Shopping for the perfect wife birthday gift ideas can be quite confusing because it depends on what she would really appreciate. For instance, if your wife loves cosmetics then you should go for skin care products, fragrances, bath soaps etc. Most women love fashion and accessories and hence a great option for the perfect gift basket is the new clothes set, an embellished negligee or a pair of trendy heels. Some women love reading books, while some others might love wine, so you could easily offer something in that line.


If your wife loves animals, then a perfect birthday gift idea for her would be an e-book about cats, dogs or any other animal. You could write about different breeds and about how they interact with each other. It would be a very touching gift and your wife would be deeply touched by it. On the other hand, if she loves gardening then a gift certificate for an afternoon can be the right choice.


Another great gift option for your wife is home appliances. Most women do not have the time to go out and buy kitchen gadgets anymore, so what they usually do is buy simple but efficient household appliances to make their life easier. So if your wife loves cooking, you could get her an electric rice cooker or a microwave oven. If she loves collecting DVDs then getting her a collection of them would be a great idea. She could view all her favorite movies and cook up a batch of home-baked cookies anytime she wants.

If your wife loves fashion, then you can help her look good with a designer handbag. A designer bag would make her look like a million dollars. So if you are gifting a handbag, look for the latest styles. You can go in for leather, canvas, plastic, or even a faux-fur handbag. Your wife would love to carry around a handbag that makes her feel like a million dollars. It would make you feel like a good husband if you could gifting her such a bag on her birthday.


Jewelry is another great idea for birthday gifts. You can gift your wife a jewelry set that she can wear all the time. So, if she loves to wear necklaces, earrings, bracelets, tiaras or anklets then go ahead and gift her one. If she does not like wearing jewelry or prefers to buy them herself, you can buy her a small piece of jewelry from a wholesale store and have it customized to make it exactly according to her liking. If she loves playing with cowboy stuff, then you can gift her a gorgeous cowgirl look jewelry set.

You can also look for birthday gift ideas for your wife that she will cherish forever. If she loves reading books, then you can give her a book on her birthday. You can either buy it from a bookstore or even download a pdf version of it online. If she loves poetry, then you can gift her a specially written poem by her favorite poet. This is one of the best birthday gift ideas as the memory of reading the poem still lingers in her mind every time she read it.


Jewelry is one of the most common birthday gifts given by men to their wives. However, you can never go wrong with diamonds. Diamonds are woman’s best friend and they love to keep it in every part of their body. If you want to surprise your wife with a diamond ring on her birthday, then you can buy her a platinum or white gold ring with a large diamond on the pendant. This would be a dream come true for your wife.

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