Wal-Mart Cakes: Buying Cake Decorations

walmart cakes

In fact, they are known for their ability to sell high quality products at low prices. But what kind of bargains can one find on Walmart cakes? It’s possible to purchase a large selection of quality products at extremely reduced prices when shopping at this popular nationwide retail giant. Here are some tips to help you find the lowest priced Walmart cakes and snacks.

There are several types of Walmart cakes that are ideal for weddings. One popular option is a tiered chocolate cake for a wedding. This traditional cake with a white icing top and a chocolate tier is decorated with white or ivory frosting flowers, marzipan flowers, and/or other printed designs. It can also be adorned with small Austrian crystals. A variety of different toppings can also be added to make it more personal or to complement any theme for the wedding.

Perfect For Weddings

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Another type of tiered Walmart cakes that are perfect for weddings are ones that are stacked. They are available in a variety of decorations, including fresh flowers, marzipan and/or other floral arrangements, and frosting designs. Bundling multiple tiers of these inexpensive cakes will allow a number of people at the reception to share the same cake, thus reducing the cost of the event.

When purchasing Walmart cakes from the bakery department of this nationwide retail giant, it is important to remember to take advantage of any discounts available. Many different bakery departments offer different kinds of discounts for customers who use their bakery department for their entire wedding cake order. These discounts can save the buyer a significant amount of money. The best way to find out if there are any savings available is to call the bakery department on the telephone or visit their website.

Decorate And Color

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Bundling of Walmart cakes can also take place in the same way as a traditional wedding cake. The best way to ensure an even successful gathering of friends and family who like to decorate and color their cakes is to post the details on the retailer’s website. The bakery department should have a posted 4 mar long list of all the different types of decorations, toppings, and colors that are currently available. Retailers may also post information about how to order a particular type of cake, and where they can be purchased.

For a more unique collection of products, one might try creating their own cake mix and decorating the cakes themselves. A customer may choose to purchase a basic white cake mix and then add some custom flavored frosting or fillings to customize the flavor. Chocolate cake mix can also be customized to include many different flavors, such as a dark chocolate flavor. One can also use a fruitcake recipe and substitute a slice of cupcakes for chocolate chips, making the chocolate cake taste more like a hard candy.

A Marble Cake

A customer might also want to try a marble cake at a store that specializes in baking and decorative treats. Marble cakes are quite beautiful and can look very elegant when decorated properly. These types of cakes would absolutely spark the interest of younger children.

Another consideration for decorating a marble cake would be to purchase a white fondant and then line the bottom of the cake with it and then dust it off with fondant. Then select and use several different types of fondant to create different effects.

Final Words

Wal-Mart cakes can also be decorated with other types of decorations, however some of these decorations may not be the best brands to use. For example, the better brand names for frosting do not contain any oil. This is important because the more oil used, the longer the frosting will stay soft and the thicker it will be. If you want to save money while purchasing Walmart cakes, you should learn how to identify the best brands of frostings to use so you do not spend an unnecessary amount of money on decorations.

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