Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas You Wish You Knew - Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas You Wish You Knew -

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas You Wish You Knew

A wedding anniversary is a time when you can promise to stay together no matter what. However, if you are planning for an anniversary party to celebrate with your friends and family, here are some wedding anniversary ideas that will help you out. Whether you are planning at a large or small scale, the steps mentioned below are essential. Hence, read on to know how professionally the party can be designed.

Wedding Anniversary Ideas: Party Décor
Wedding Anniversary Ideas: Party Décor

Choose The Location For The Wedding Anniversary

Depending upon the formality of the occasion and the number of invitees, you can choose the location. A homely atmosphere is perfect when you want a gathering of close people like friends and family members. Renting restaurants or hotels can also be an option when you want to go for a grand celebration. If it is a lifetime celebration, go for destination tours along with your family and friends.

Choose A Party Theme

Choosing the party theme is the second step. Of course, the theme should reveal something about your personality or memories. Moreover, it should be fun and reflective. Usually, homely parties use minimal decorations that focus on color-based themes. Some offbeat ideas in the theme would be the time machine, rustic outdoors dinner, or a beach party. Another idea is to plan the décor based on the color of the years the couples are together. For instance, 25th anniversary is a silver jubilee whereas 50 years is a golden jubilee.

Make A List Of Invitees

To send out the invitation on time, you need to prepare a list consisting of all names. The best time for sending guests invitation is 6-8 weeks prior to the event.  When the party is formal, you need to be more careful while sending invitation cards. Listing the date for the RSVP deadline on the invitation is also a great idea when you want to plan food and drinks accordingly. If you want to set a dress code or other fun element, mention the same in the card. The more engaging the card format will be, the more interest people will find to show up.

Wedding Anniversary Ideas: Party Décor
Wedding Anniversary Ideas: Party Décor

Food And Drinks

When it comes to food and drinks, be careful as it is your responsibility to make the invitees happy and full. Make a budget for the same before you consult with the catering or head to a grocery shop. The preparation process depends upon the number of invitees and party theme. For a casual house party, preparing the food at home and presenting as a buffet or fine dining can be ideal options. When you are searching for caterers, read the reviews to check their specialties. Also, order the cake according to the number of invitees.

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Hire A Professional Photographer

In order to make the day a memorable one, hire a professional photographer to cover the event. When you are arranging a formal party, a documentation of the same is what you need to opt for. Look for recommendations from your friends. Arrange a meeting with the photographer and book the date. Also, know the specialty of the photographer you are hiring.

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