Why You Really Need (A/AN) Party City Balloons

Party City Balloons

In May of 2007, the Northeastern party store iParty was purchased by its competitor, Party City. While the death of iParty is generally attributed to multiple reasons, including the failure of the brand name to catch on in the Midwest, the final death blow came from a freak storm, which arrived on the scene at the tail end of October of that year, the busiest time of the year for retail suppliers of party supplies. The storm brought with it one of the worst hurricanes in many years. After then it left millions of dollars in damages, not just to the business and to the store itself, but to neighboring businesses as well.

Store’s Situation

When it became clear that the store had become one of the victims of a severe storm, it was decided that it would make sense to take steps to improve the store’s situation. The result was Party City balloons. The store used this opportunity to restructure the business, and it put forth some drastic changes that included the hiring of new employees and the replacement of some older ones with fresh new faces.

Why You Really Need (A/AN) Party City Balloons
Know About Party City Balloons

One of the first changes made was the creation of a new party program for the store, and this included rebranding the iParty brand name, making several key changes in order to appeal to the audience and gain more traffic, and finally hiring a new marketing firm to help in this process. With this in mind, what does this mean for iParty balloons?

Party City Balloons

Party City balloons are basically just like any other balloon in a bag, and in fact, they look similar. They all have the same basic colors, and they have the same basic design. If you look at a single balloon, though, you’ll notice that each color has two different colors of eyes. So you don’t even need to know anything about balloons to tell which color is which. This gives the balloons their unique personality and makes them stand apart from the pack.

The change from iBalloon to Party City balloons, then, is subtle, and in fact, it is completely transparent to most people who are not aware of it. However, it was very noticeable, and it meant a tremendous amount of money that could have otherwise gone toward the development of the store. As such, iParty did what many retail stores do to retain its customers and retain their loyalty – they went ahead and began offering discounts on the original iBalloon purchase.

Party City

When it comes to discounts, Party City has many varieties. You can get your iBalloons at a discount price that is as low as fifty-eight dollars, while getting a free iBalloon or two for a larger purchase. Party City also offers gift cards, which can be used for thousands of dollars of discounts. There are also special deals offered on birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day, and other holidays, and discounts for bulk purchases, like the original iBalloon package.

Why You Really Need (A/AN) Party City Balloons
Know The Varieties Of Party City Balloons

Another way that Party City balloons go down the aisle is through promotions. There are contests and sales events, and Party City also provides special prices that are only available through their website. This is another way that the store is able to get their name out there and remind people that they exist.

Final Verdict

While there are some people who believe that iBalloon is not unique enough. Others say that Party City balloons are the only store where balloons are allowed to be sold in balloons. While this is not a fair statement, there are actually other stores that allow balloons to be sold in balloons.But only if they come in the form of “molded” balloons, meaning they come from balloons, not paper.

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